Mike’s Surgery

img_1850.JPGTwo weeks ago Mike had surgery on his right shoulder.  He had his pectoral tendon reattached due to a ski injury this past fall.  On Thanksgiving Day we were skiing at A-Basin.  The conditions were not great at that time due to early season conditions.  Like Mike usually does, he stood at the top of a large boulder to jump down.  However, because of the early season snow conditions, when he landed his jump, his poles collapsed through the snow.  This caused him to fall forward onto his right pole and stabbed him in the lower shoulder area that caused his tendon to tear. 

His recovery is going well, but has to be in a sling for a total of six weeks.  He has four more weeks to go.  In about two more weeks, he will start rehabilitation.  Needless to say, he is done skiing for the season.   With a full recovery in the near future, he will be golfing again this summer and then onto another ski season this fall.



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4 responses to “Mike’s Surgery

  1. KC

    What a wild man! Sounds like Cola’rada livin to me. Did you have to ride down on the tobaggon? I’ve always wanted to experience that. I even thought of jumping off the chairlift and faking an injury. (Okay, maybe I didn’t think of that until right now. . .)

    Mike I hope the recovery goes well because I envision the day that I will be able to join you out there for a day on the slopes. So get well!

  2. katie

    mike!!! oh my word, you are such a crazy monster! that injury looks naaasty! Amalia says good job for being so tough

  3. Sheilah

    Were you a nice patient to the nice nurses?

  4. Mom C

    How Do we know that’s Mike?

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