I have found my feet!

Amalia is almost 4 months old now and doing all sorts of fun and exciting things. She has discovered her feet, her voice, her hands, and tries to put everything into her mouth. She has been getting little runny noses so I am sure teething is in the cards now. She loves to chow down on frozen teethers and pretty much anything she can pick up. Its such a joy to watch her learn a new trick every week. This week she has found her feet and loves to pull her socks off. She laughs regularly and smiles always.

Amalia is just bringing a ray of sunshine to everyone she meets. She sweet and loving, our own little snuggle bug. One of her favorite places to hang out is exersaucer where she tries to pull all the toys off of and if does not succeed screams like a pteradactyl…its hilarious the first couple of times, after that…i am looking for some sort of baby muzzle. j/k! She is in bed every night by 7pm, wakes up about 2 times and is up by 6 or7 am which is just great. We are so grateful to have katie/jesse time in the evenings now. Love to all, miss you tons and we will put new pics up soon.

Kindest Regards,
The Dill Family



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2 responses to “I have found my feet!

  1. I want to meet this little ray of sunshine.

  2. Mom C

    what an adorable little Valentine!!! More pictures, more pictures, more pictures!

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