Trivia The Eighth Deadly Sin???

Hello… My name is Nick… and….. I…… am a Trivia Addict.

OK I feel better. I have known about this problem for sometime now. In fact I know this disease runs through our family (cough cough.. Uncle Greg). I used to feel I had control of it, I would have a relapse here or there at Parties mainly. I Even took it out on my poor cousins. It started with the Dills where on several occasions I gave them a hard lesson in useless trivia by shellacking them through various trivia games. They tried to keep up with me, but I was to far gone in this horrible disease that they could only stand there silently as I rattled off answer after answer. More recently over the Christmas holiday at the Cabin my mom, as innocent as she is, got my father the game Scene it Sports. I had hidden this problem from them for so long but finally it showed it’s ugly head when we sat down with the McGee’s on a family game night. Sure they got a few answers here and there. My dad even put up a few. But when the dust settled I was the only one left doing the trivia because they all had gone to bed. It became even harder when I realized I could find these things on-line. I took a few quiz’s and I was hooked. I didnt think that being online could lead to new addictions.

 The reason I am sharing this with you all is to send you all a warning in hopes that it is not to late. You could end up like me The Winner of the Turner Classic Movie trivia game and win a 30 gigabyte Video Ipod. I even had to drive all the way to Seattle to get my “Precious” winnings from this addiction, I am so ashamed!! Please tell friends and everyone you know to keep trivia games away from me in the hopes that one day I will beat this. I never again want to put my family at the losing end of Trivia beat down. 

Thank You,

Nicholas Allen Cronquist


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  1. KC


    You need to seek counseling.

    – Your brother

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