Our new family


Jenn and I would like to introduce the newest member of the family Zuni Fleaban Cronquist. Why Zuni Fleabane?? Google it and see who/what she is named after. The winner will get a free dinner out on us when you come up to visit. Zu (Zoo) is a German Shepard mix and is allready getting used to her new home and family. She is a quiet dog and loves to chew.



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5 responses to “Our new family

  1. Cool dog. As far as the name is concerned, it appears you named her after a daisy, who’s scientfic name involves a scientist, Arthur Cronquist. Arthur is famous for nameing many plants and inventing a system of classing plants and flowers.

    I guess “Zoo” is the new “Daisy.”

    Do I get a free dinner?

  2. Can we see some more pics of your place too?

  3. Grandma C. (Kathe)

    I am so proud!!! What a cutie patutie she is! Cassie’s had to take a back seat to the newest puppy around here! She’s immediate entertainment when she walks into the room or outside. I’m ok. if she really was a baby she’d just be sleeping anyway….right?

  4. sandridges

    Wow, I don’t expect homework when I visit y’alls blogs but I guess that’s what happens when a coach and a teacher get together… too bad Kasey is such a know-it-all and got here first. But I can’t wait to meet her.

  5. katie

    she sounds like amalia-chews things up…but not the quiet part…when are you guys coming down?

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