Seeley Burnin’

Well just as I post what a great time can be had at Seeley, I’m forced to follow up with the risks that come from having fun at a mountain lake.  The Jocko Lake fire has many of my family members forced to wait and watch to see if this wildfire will truly threaten our family cabin.  I have been reading and watching the events unfold thanks to cell phone photo updates from family members and the national news coverage. 

From what I hear, no one is allowed on the lake, which means not skiing, wake boarding, tubing, cruising, etc.  Pretty much a bummer.  Why?  Well check out this picture:


So how would that be?  You’re tubing, having a great ol’ time and this huge prop plane comes flying over you to pick up a load of water.  I say awesome.  Forest Service says, “no way.”  So, no boats on the water.

Now here is the next picture.  If you look real close you can see the top of the roof of our family cabin in the tree line.  And if you look real close I think you can see our Papa with a garden hose ready to do business. . .


Okay, so that’s a joke.

Here’s a video log of what has been happening at the lake, thanks to Katie. . .I think:

A plane lands to pick up water. . .

And how close was this fire?  Check this video out!

And for those die hards that won’t listen to the authorities we have creativity at its finest:

This video isn’t ours, but it was of better quality then what we’ve got, same lake, same plane, same fire:

Here is another Youtuber video, but with no sound?  It’s a bit all over the place, but the end is worth the wait when you see the plane cross the road in the air.



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2 responses to “Seeley Burnin’

  1. Mom C

    Very cool Kasey

  2. katie

    those pics are sooo awesome!!! thanks for putting those up kase!! i love the video of the fire itself…amazing. we sure missed you up there, hopefully next year you can make it up and we can have a “true” seeley summer! love you

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