Trip to Black Butte

Trip to Black Butte

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Mike and I were able to escape for a couple of days to Black Butte Ranch
near Sisters,OR two weeks ago. We had a great time. When we fly into
Portland, we were able to have lunch with Katie, Amalia, Nick, Jenn, Tami
and Luca before we drove down to Black Butte. Since Kathe and Kevin were
not able to make it down to SB right away to see Kaden, they were able to
meet up with Mike and I in Black Butte to stay two nights. We spent the
four days we had in Black Butte golfing and hiking. The house we stayed in
was great. It was on the 14th green of the Big Meadows golf course, huge
deck, hot tub, three bedrooms. We would love to go back.



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2 responses to “Trip to Black Butte

  1. Nice!!!Need a picture of you too Dani!!! It was an awesome break & a treat to spend time with you two! Thanks again!

  2. The comment above was from Mom, she was logged in under my name when she wrote that. I love Black Butte, we’ll have to coordinate a time for all of us to meet there for a little golf, of course winter is pretty cool there too. Maybe we should just buy a place there?

    Did you take that picture of the mountain? Can you upload the original to Flickr? That was a great shot if its yours.

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