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Hello my Kautz cousins!

Finally i am on the kautz cousin blog. I know i know, you’re all just on the edge of your seats waiting to hear how my life in glorious and wonderful eugene is. Well it’s awesome. College is a wonderful and fun experience. Everyone here is extrememly nice and friendly. It’s a super classic Northwest set up. There is always something to do, and my classes haven’t quite gotten to be impossible. Since they over booked freshmen i have my very own apartment! its about 200 freshmen or so all living on their own. Makes for good times right?
Lacrosse is going great. i still don’t know if ill be starting this weekend in Vegas, but things are looking good. The team is full of great guys. We have a ton of fun together and it’s just a solid crew. Try outs were pretty rough. 4 days of running, getting yelled at, all that good stuff. In the end though it all paid off and i am able to say im a duck athlete now. I miss all you guys tons and will keep on filling you in. In case anyone ever wants to call my number is 971-533-6335 and if you ever get in that weird baking cookies mood and need to send them somewhere, try 90 commons drive, Apartment 137 Eugene, OR 97401.

Your Duck Cousin,

P.S. This picture just about sums up the duck life.



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  1. Hey Ry Guy! It is great to hear and see that you are having such a great time as a Duck! We think of you a lot! We hope you do awesome in lacrosse this year! Have tons of fun! Love you, Kelsey

  2. Auntie Kathe

    YEAH!!! We see the Duck nephew at last!!! Nice hair!! How fun for you and I know in between the lines how hard you must be studying!! Have fun in Vegas you lucky DUCK!!!! Keep posting!! Love you!!! Kathe

  3. now that is a cool post. Ah the college experience I never had. I plan on rooting for the ducks over the next 4 years in your honor, especially since the Huskies really don’t play football anymore. I may have to take down your phone number and address off of this post, due to the hot photo of yourself above, you’re simply asking for stalkers to start knocking down your door ;).
    Keep posting, we’ll keep reading and living the duck experience vicariously through you!

    Let us know how you do this weekend!

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