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I cannot believe it is November. After putting off raking leaves the last
few weeks in October, Mike and I finally got to work and raked up the
backyard over the weekend. Timber had another agenda on the other hand,
which was to play in the leaves after we had made our piles. Once play time
in the leaves was over, we finished up raking, and the three of us enjoyed a
relaxing evening at home. It was a nice, warm 70 degree weekend, now it is
starting to get cold, and the snow is coming…



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2 responses to “Fall

  1. Auntie Kathe

    a picture says a thousand words!!! How fun for her and more work for you…..yes I remember about a week ago when our leaves were plentiful, colorful & DRY. Not so today……flood watch in the valley! Yep winter is knocking.

  2. Ah leaves. . .how nice for you.

    I guess it is a bit cooler out lately. . .

    I almost can’t remember what snow looks like 😉

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